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Want to be part of a team, but don't necessarily want to play the sport? we're always looking for volunteers to help us in a range of areas.

Think you can help? Get in touch with us.

We're looking for help with:

  • Collecting stats

  • Umpiring

  • Base coaching

  • Maintenance & Field setup

  • Coaching

  • Admin & Grants

Jon's Story

"I'm a volunteer statistician for the Metalheads, joining the club in April 2022.


On game days, I score the game. This involves watching the game and entering the all the details of the action on the field into a phone or tablet. Doing this enables a lot of useful data and statistics to be generated.

During games and throughout the week, I use the data to enable players to measure how well they are performing and give the insight from the data to coaches, assisting them in helping the players improve.

Joining the club has been a rewarding experience for many reasons; Not only do I get to spend time watching baseball, I have also made a new group of friends, who I get to talk about baseball with!"

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