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The Metalheads offer baseball to all levels of ability and experience to players across the West Midlands, playing and training at Purplebricks Field, a dedicated baseball field in Marston Green.

Our history stretches all the way back to the summer of 1940. With the government taking control of a number of hospitals in the area for those members of the Commonwealth hurt during World War II, with Marston Green's hospital sequestered for the use of the Royal Canadian Medical Corp. 

Occupying the hospital for five years, patients frequented the grounds for recreation, and with ice rinks in short supply, the Canadians opted instead for baseball. With a makeshift diamond later made more permanent, it remained in place for decades, and can still be seen on the grounds during particularly dry summers.

Some sixty years later, in 2003, a local baseball enthusiast, enthralled by the history of the grounds, reawakened baseball in Marston Green, founding the Birmingham Maple Leafs, paying homage to the team's Canadian origins. The team won a number of Midlands League titles in the 2000s.

In 2014, the team rebranded as the Birmingham Bandits and competed in the National League at various levels. Late in 2020, to coincide with their acceptance into the West Midlands Baseball League, the club announced another rebrand, this time as the Birmingham Metalheads, to pay respect to the region's rich musical history.